ACEVO Solutions Consultancy

ACEVO Solutions is ACEVO’s social enterprise and works with a number of organisations to strengthen their service offers, partnerships, governance and sustainability. 

Current areas of ACEVO Solutions expertise include:

The ACEVO Solutions team brings with it years of expertise, experience and unique skills bespoke to the sector:

Emily Jolley, Director and Head of Solutions
Key focus: Management of Solutions team, central government, bidding/procurement, product/services development, project management

John Gillespie, Director
Key focus: Local government, partnership and consortia development, facilitation

Sally Gibbs, Associate Director
Key focus: Central government, bidding/procurement, project management

Olabisi Porteous, Services Manager
Key focus: Management of consultancy service, member services, Solutions service offers

Mark Winter, Head of Health Commissioning
Key focus: Health commissioning, building partnerships, solution and supply chain development, project management

ACEVO is a preferred provider to the Investment and Contract Readiness Fund and Community Assets and Services Grants which provide grant funding to support organisations to invest in their ability to grow their services.

To find out more about ACEVO Solutions key areas of focus, contact the relevant team member or