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ACEVO recommends: January 2024

“ACEVO recommends” initially began as a weekly thread on Twitter, curating noteworthy resources, content, and events pertinent to leaders within the sector. These insightful recommendations have transitioned to a monthly format, now accessible through the ACEVO blog.

Artificial Intelligence for public good

Following on from its Social Justice in a Digital Age work, JRF is launching a new project on the potential for AI to generate public good. Bringing together a wide range of perspectives, from tech experts and public sector actors to not-for-profit organisations and grassroots groups, this project will examine ideas on the development and implementation of AI that creates public good.

“We will explore both the practical implications of AI development for the public sector and civil society, alongside questioning the deeper moral undertones of AI advancement relating to values, power, and relationships. Rather than centring a singular perspective or advancing specific policy solutions, we will prioritise instigating conversations and building cross-sector connections to contribute to the growing social commentary on this topic.”

Find out more.

Five lessons the COP28 outcomes teach us about climate diplomacy

COP28 seemed set up for outlandish contradictions. The critical question of whether to agree to a rapid phase out of fossil fuels was to be overseen by an oil company boss. Governments were asked to set up a fund to help poor and vulnerable communities deal with climate disasters in a luxury-manufactured oasis in the desert. E3G has summed it up in five lessons.

Tomorrow’s Donor, Today

What does ‘doing good’ look like for 18-50 year olds? And how can charities tap into this to generate future income? These are the burning questions keeping senior fundraisers awake at night, answered through a collaborative effort and a two-part research series from GOOD Agency, Eden Stanley and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising. Find out more.

Children England legacy podcasts

Children England has closed loudly and proudly by launching five podcast episodes (in video format) which will resonate and connect with the charity sector, children and families sector, youth leadership, fellow infrastructure bodies and more.

What does 2024 have in store for charities?

Third Sector editor Emily Burt and senior multimedia reporter Lucinda Rouse are joined by Jane Ide, chief executive of Acevo, and Sue Tibballs, chief executive of the Sheila McKechnie Foundation, to discuss some of the themes and challenges facing the voluntary sector in 2024.

These include the upcoming general election and its implications for the sector; the growing trend of charity closures; and opportunities for collaboration, both within the voluntary sector and with other entities driving social change. 

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