ACEVO's AGM 2017 and annual report

Notice of AGM

This year's AGM will take place on Thursday 7 December 2017 at 6pm at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 50 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB. All ACEVO members are warmly invited to attend.


1. Welcome and minutes of the Annual General Meeting 8 December 2016
2. Chair’s & chief executive’s reports
3. Treasurer’s report, including audited report and financial statements 2016-17
4. Notice of five trustees elected to the board by the ACEVO membership

1. That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 8 December 2016 be received and adopted.
2. That the annual report and financial statements of ACEVO for the year ended 31 March 2017 be received and accepted (see below).
3. That the five persons receiving the highest number of votes cast in the ballot are duly elected as trustees of ACEVO to serve for a period of three years.
4. That the appointment of ACEVO’s auditors should be approved, and that the board should be authorised to determine their remuneration.
5. Any other business (items to be raised should be notified in writing to Paul Bugden, company secretary, on by 5pm, 24 November 2017)

The AGM will be followed by a drinks reception to celebrate our 30th anniversary, during which the 2017 ACEVO Fellowships will be presented.

To attend the AGM please RSVP to

Voting by proxy at the AGM

Any member is entitled to appoint another person as a proxy to exercise all or any of the member’s rights to attend and to speak and vote at a general meeting of the Association. If you wish to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf, please notify our company secretary, Paul Bugden by email ( or in writing to our office at Regent's Wharf, 8 All Saints St, London N1 9RL not later than 6pm on Tuesday 5 December using the following wording:

“I, ……., of ………., being a full member of ACEVO, hereby appoint …….. of ………, or failing him/her, ………… of …….., as my proxy to vote in my name and on my behalf at the general meeting of the charity, to be held on 7 December 2017, and at any adjournment thereof. Unless otherwise instructed, the proxy may vote as s/he thinks fit or abstain from voting. Signed this ……… day of ……….. 2017”.   

ACEVO: putting members first

ACEVO’s latest annual report highlights the positive steps the organisation is taking to support members and the sector, despite a challenging financial position.

ACEVO’s annual accounts for the year to March 2017 reflect the fallout from the loss of Government funding and a difficult trading environment, but represent a stepping stone to the ACEVO of today and tomorrow.

Income during the period declined by nearly £166,000 compared to the previous year’s decline of just over £486,000. Much of the 2016/17 decline is accounted for by the natural conclusion of a number of long-term funded projects such as Transforming care and Loneliness in London.

Expenditure exceeded income by just over £138,000 (a reduction on the previous year’s loss of £190,801) largely due to restructuring costs to establish a sustainable business model. Much of these relate to costs incurred in 2016. The transition involved withdrawing from paid-for consultancy services, reducing the staff base and refocusing ACEVO’s direction of travel to better reflect its purpose as an organisation giving practical support to, and representation of, its members.

Net assets were a little over £156,000 and free reserves at £152,000 were short of the lower end of ACEVO’s stated policy range by £23,000. This year ACEVO is on course to replace previous sources of income and replenish its reserves.

Since March 2017 there has been a consistent improvement in trading activity and funding for capacity and sustainability, with membership figures now showing net gains per month. The organisation expects this current year’s accounts to show a small surplus.

Commenting, ACEVO chair Paul Farmer said:

“ACEVO has seen much change in recent years and the 2016/2017 accounts reflect that. The most significant change has been the appointment of our chief executive Vicky Browning at the tail end of the financial year. Since joining, she has striven with energy and vision to place members at the heart of everything that ACEVO does and to establish a secure and permanent footing from which to move forward.

“In the nine months Vicky has been here, there has been an ever increasing emphasis on providing civil society leaders with the support, services, resources and representation that members expect, and membership confidence and stability has improved accordingly.

“ACEVO has also continued to gain the respect of key stakeholders in the sector as well as securing support from new commercial partnerships and elsewhere. Our developing financial position gives much cause for optimism. The organisation has already shown the resilience to take it through the turbulence of the last three years. It is now very well placed to move forward and continue to develop its mission to support and empower the civil society leaders of today and tomorrow.”

ACEVO trustees report and financial statements 2016-17