CEO in Crisis

With pressure and expectation from all sides, being a CEO can sometimes be a lonely and difficult experience. Since its creation, our CEO in Crisis service has been key to many charity and social enterprise CEOs looking for support with a number of different governance issues that they encounter.

Examples of issues where our CEO in Crisis service will be able to help could be where a CEO's relationship with the chair has broken down and they need support in trying to repair the relationship. Alternatively, a CEO may believe their job is at risk and want to understand their rights and options.

Members accessing the service will receive:

  • An assessment (triage) call with ACEVO's director of leadership and governance in strict confidence
  • An agreed plan of action and support, with agreed contact arrangements.

The support could include:

  • Support from an ACEVO director
  • A possible ACEVO peer mentor who has experienced similar difficulties
  • Where assessed and required, either one hour or up to four hours legal support
  • Where assessed and required, emotional support from leading experts
  • ACEVO members may also be referred for more support or guidance as part of the service. 

The full legal advice and the emotional support is only available in cases where the CEO's job is under threat and ACEVO considers it appropriate.

CEO in Crisis is available to full members who have been in membership for three months or more. The service does not cover issues a CEO may have as a line manager or employer, or general governance queries. Please access our other member services in this instances.

To limit the likelihood of needing our CEO in Crisis service in the first place, please read our 10 ways to keep your job advice. This explains how to pick up on the warning signs and deal with issues before they get to crisis point. 

Before contacting the CEO in Crisis service, you may find it helpful to read our guidance on Navigating through a crisis in your CEO and chair relationship. Please note that this is a member-only resource and you will need to log in to the website to access it.

Access the CEO in Crisis line

 Confidentiality policy

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Please note, the CEO in Crisis service is only available to full ACEVO members,who have been in membership for three months or more. We will respond to your request as soon as we can, but it may take up to three working days before we get in touch.