Discounted mediation service

ACEVO members come to us for support and guidance when things get difficult for them at work, either with their teams or in their relationship with their chair or boards. Unresolved conflict costs a lot more than just money and often we take calls for help when it is too late for a positive resolution. So we are keen to work with members to resolve issues and problems as early as possible and to put things in place to prevent a crisis evolving.

We have a new partnership with the TCM Group whose workplace mediation services resolve complex and challenging disputes – swiftly, effectively and with as little disruption as possible. The group's team of expert and experienced workplace mediators work with all parties in a dispute to establish your underlying needs and interests, encourage dialogue and ultimately facilitate a mutually acceptable resolution. 

In most cases mediation lasts for one full day and The TCM Group has a record of resolving 93% of disputes referred to them, no matter how complex the issues are, such as grievances, complaints and allegations of bullying and harassment. ACEVO members will receive 15% discount on TCM Group's services.

For further information or to access a referral for this service email Jenny Berry.

For members only

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