Member advice

What makes ACEVO unique is the personal support we offer our members. We will support you at any point in your CEO role and try to answer your queries, guide you with advice or put you in touch with a colleague or peer who has relevant experience. Our member advice service has supported members in reviewing their CV, advice about mergers, pay review, contract management and much more.

For member advice please email

Preparing for a meeting?

One issue that can often give members sleepless nights is meetings. Board meetings, team meetings, conferences or other gatherings are a central feature of our organisational lives, but sometimes they can be a real headache. If you do need support preparing for a challenging  meeting, then we can help by referring you to facilitator and coach Martin Farrell ( for up to one hour’s free advice. In return, some of the meeting challenges Martin hears about may give him subject ideas for blogs etc. whilst of course maintaining absolute confidentiality and with members’ permission.

Remember, we’re here to help, so in the first instance please get in touch by emailing or calling 0207 014 4600.

"It is certainly not easy for anybody to take on the mantle of CEO in the community sector. But women, people with disabilities and of colour/religious minorities and sexuality minorities have extra challenges. When these become compound (such as in my case a Muslim women of colour with a disability), it is quite a big mountain to climb. ACEVO has demonstrated exemplary sensitivity and capacity to meet my needs throughout this process."