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Case study questions: civil society work on the climate crisis

ACEVO is gathering a series of case studies platforming positive climate leadership shown in charities, both environmental and non-environmental organisations. This is in response to repeated feedback from members that despite the urgency of climate breakdown, positive messaging can be a more effective way of encouraging changes in practice. We hope this will provide a range of ideas about how organisations can approach different types of climate action and play their part in a just transition to net zero.

We expect to release some of these submissions fairly quickly as shorter, motivational pieces to platform ideas for climate action, and inspire leaders to act. We also expect that some of this work may be ongoing (e.g. strategies), may need communicating differently to ensure your learning can be shared appropriately, and that you may wish to have a conversation rather than fill out this form. If you think your experience would suit a discussion or if you would just prefer to communicate your experiences via a short interview, please tick the box in the form or simply email us and we will come back to you to set up an interview. Otherwise, please provide as much detail as you can about your actions, and we will get in touch to ensure you are happy with how we plan to present your case study.

Please fill the form and email it to

ACEVO's environmental and climate principles