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Creating race equity: CEO and chair programme

ACEVO is pleased to launch a pilot programme to support CEO members and their chairs who want to achiever greater racial equity in their organisations.

The purpose of this programme includes:

  • supporting leaders to achieve greater racial diversity and inclusion in their charity
  • supporting organisations to achieve racial justice through their work
  • enabling leaders to learn from the programme by sharing the progress made by organisations and the learning gained from both successes and failures on the route to racial justice
  • developing a process of peer learning on race equity
  • providing an introduction to race equity learning
  • supporting continuous learning practices and self-reflection on racism and race equity.

The programme comprises four action learning set sessions over a 12 month period facilitated by an expert coach.

The sessions will be facilitated by Pari Dhillon, a former CEO, coach and consultant with extensive experience of race equity and advocacy.

The sessions will involve a variety of activities including reading key texts, reflecting and unpacking personal prejudices and assumptions, and working alongside your chair to define your organisational goals in this area. The coach will focus on forming positive visions of the work to do on diversity rather than deficit models, and embedding sustainable cultural change in organisations that lasts beyond individual staff members.


  • This is open to CEO and chair pairings only.
  • CEOs must be a member of ACEVO but it is not necessary for chairs to be.
  • CEO and chairs must commit to prioritising attendance at the four sessions (dates will be circulated before the programme starts). 


This is a free programme. Action learning sessions will take place at a venue in London. ACEVO will reimburse reasonable travel expenses for small charities from outside London selected to participate.

Anything else I should know?

At the end of the project ACEVO will be sharing the key learning, progress and challenges with members so participating CEO/chairs should agree to a short interview after the final session to share their reflections on the project.


The first session of the pilot programme will take place in January 2020. The participants are: 





Vicky Browning

Rosie Ferguson


Tom Lawson

Sally O’Sullivan

Sheffield Flourish

Josie Soutar

Pam Stirling

IAC: Centre for Adoption

Satwinder Sandhu

Barbara Hudson

Institute of Fundraising

Peter Lewis

Amanda Bringans

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