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We represent our members' interests in five key areas of importance to civil society and our members' work.

We help to shape the agenda and ensure our members’ voices are heard by those who have the power to effect change. We stimulate debate that leads to improvement of the sector and stronger leadership and achieve political change by campaigning and pursuing reforms.

Charities must be allowed and encouraged to campaign in order to further their charitable objectives. Civil society leaders should have the confidence and freedom to campaign to meet their organisation’s charitable objectives, no matter who the organisation receives funding from at whatever point we are in the election cycle. Find out more.

One of the biggest challenges for many civil society leaders is a commissioning environment that doesn’t meet the needs of their organisation, and by extension the needs of the people they support. ACEVO is working with civil society leaders to champion the vital role they play in driving change and to model new ways of working that will create a more balanced system that better serves communities. Find out more.

Civil society leaders should be representative of the communities they operate in and the people they support. We are working to break down the barriers and bias that exist in our sector and that create unequal workplaces. Find out more or click below to read about our most recent work:

Making Diversity Count: together with Voice4Change England, we are conducting a research to investigate the lack of equality, diversity and inclusion in the charity sector.

Creating Race Equity: a pilot programme to support CEO members and their chairs who want to achiever greater racial equity in their organisations.

Leadership principles: civil society leaders can sign up to our eight leadership principles to address race diversity in the sector.

We want to understand the conditions in which bullying occurs in the charity sector, its effects on individuals and why in some cases bullying behaviour continues unchecked for some time. We will use this understanding to create effective prevention and intervention initiatives that will create safer workplace cultures. Find out more or click below to read about our most recent work.

Leading with values: creating a safe organisational culture. Released in July 2018, this report was part of a cross-sector tiered project, led by ACEVO and NCVO covering leadership and culture respectively.

In plain sight: workplace bullying in charities and the implications for leadership. Released in June 2019, this report shines a light on the experiences of people who have been bullied in a charity workplace. It highlights the emotional harm it causes, making six recommendations to create safer systems, processes and cultures.

Helping social sector CEOs support the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce: We are accepting expressions of interest to join a working group on a new project aiming to help social sector CEOs manage the mental health of their workforce. The group will scope the issues, identify key challenges and propose possible solutions. 

You can read ACEVO’s harassment and bullying policy, and the job descriptions for our wellbeing trustee and senior leader

Charities are regulated by a large number of bodies, from the Charity Commission to the Fundraising Regulator, from CQC to the Information Commissioner’s Office and more. We believe that good regulation is enabling, inclusive and transparent. Strong regulators balance enforcement and support functions and their leadership teams include people with voluntary sector expertise. Find out more

ACEVO is a member of the Brexit Civil Society Alliance. The Alliance is convened by Unlock Democracy and its mission is to bring together civil society organisations from all parts of the UK to ensure our voices are heard in the Brexit process. Find out more

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