Helping you brave the Brexit landscape

ACEVO is a member of the Brexit Civil Society Alliance. The Alliance is convened by Unlock Democracy and its mission is to bring together civil society organisations from all parts of the UK to ensure our voices are heard in the Brexit proces. The Alliance has three core strands of work:

1. Open & Accountable Lawmaking – Legislating for Brexit must respect the democratic processes, including the devolved nature of the UK constitution. There must be clear limits and safeguards on executive power. There must be robust parliamentary scrutiny at all levels with appropriate transparency and debate.

2. A high standards UK, with rights, standards and funding to underpin them maintained – Leaving the EU should not mean weaker standards, fewer rights or loss of funding. A UK framework for common standards must be mutually agreed between the four administrations to enable cross-border working and internal common market

3. Leaving the EU should not create a governance gap – EU institutions have a role in monitoring, oversight and ensuring compliance with the law as well as setting regulations. Where governance arrangements are changed as a result of leaving the EU, there must be clear powers and procedures for ensuring the law is properly implemented and enforced on an ongoing basis.

Their website has a number of briefings, including information on EU settled status and briefings on the impact of Brexit on human rights protections.

No deal Brexit

On 22nd February ACEVO co-signed a letter to the Prime Minister drafted by National Voices to warn about the impact of a no-deal Brexit.

Post-referendum consultation

Following the referendum on EU membership, ACEVO consulted its members on the impact they felt this may have on their organisations. We have fed the results of this consultation into our discussions with DCMS around Brexit.

The results of our consultation of members appear in The Guardian

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