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Regulation of civil society

Information and guidance your organisation needs about regulatory requirements.


Charities are regulated not just by the Charity Commission and the newly formed Fundraising Regulator, but potentially a number of other bodies including the CQC, Ofsted and the Homes and Communities Agency. Many of these regulators charge a levy to those they regulate to part-fund the regulation, and the Charity Commission previously announced plans to consult on adopting a similar model, but this proposal has been on hold for a significant period of time.

In 2017 the Information Commissioner’s Office investigated and fined a number of charities for their fundraising practice. There is now a memorandum of understanding between the ICO and the Charity Commission about how they will work together on cases relating to charities and data protection.

Our vision

Good regulation is enabling, inclusive and transparent. Strong regulators balance enforcement and support functions and their leadership teams include people with voluntary sector expertise. Regulation should give civil society leaders the tools and information they need to run effective organisations.


  • ACEVO’s CEO Vicky Browning and a small group of infrastructure colleagues meet every month with the Charity Commission CEO and members of her team to share information and discuss issues arising in terms of regulation, including raising questions or concerns from ACEVO members.

  • Coronavirus crisis: We have been working closely with the Charity Commission to answer questions members have raised about governance and regulatory obligations during the crisis, we produced a briefing for the Charity Commission which can be downloaded here

  • We have been working to influence politicians to ensure the Charity Commission is a fair, transparent and politically impartial regulator. Read our letter to the DCMS Select Committee here.

  • The House of Lords select committee on charities made several recommendations on regulation. You can read our blog on these here.

  • We produced a briefing for members on the ICO and Charity Commission joint conference. You can read this here.

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