Annual Accounts 2015/16

Charity leaders’ network consolidates

In common with much of the sector, ACEVO faced considerable challenges last year. The organisation is confronting those challenges and adapting to meet them. ACEVO continues to develop the services valued by members and its membership remains healthy.

The organisation is confident that it will continue to be well-placed to deliver its purpose despite an environment which has seen a significant reduction of Government funding across the sector.

In his introduction to the Annual Report ACEVO Chairman Paul Farmer writes: “These have been difficult times for the sector, and ACEVO has been challenged too, but our mission has never been more crucial.

“It has never been more difficult to be a sector leader – and ACEVO is a point of constant contact, support and encouragement. Our three year strategy ‘Leading the Charge’ makes real key commitments to engage ever more locally, democratically, innovatively and accountably and this will be our task in 2016/17.

“2015/16 was a year of transition but I am confident that we will come to view it as a year of key investment and evolution, where a new and exciting identity or the UK’s leading network for charity and social enterprise leaders began to be formed.”

ACEVO's 2015/16 Annual Accounts can be viewed here.