Digi-Board provides on-line governance reviews designed specifically for the charity sector.  We help charities solve their governance issues and get to grips with what they need to do about it. Using digital techniques, we simplify the complex, time-consuming governance review process with an online questionnaire that is affordable, easy to use and available 24/7. 

Our unique question structure helps participants learn about best practice governance and stimulates board debate about how to achieve this.  Powerful data analytics analyse the collective views of participants.  Results are easy to interpret with charts and data available online for your review or, to download and create your own reports. 

Optional services are available.  These include a consultation with the Digi-Board team and/or a customised board report with practical examples of how to implement best practice governance at your charity. 

Digi-Board assesses factors critical to achieving “good governance” covering:

  • The principles of the latest Charity Governance Code
  • An assessment of Board Behaviours and Culture
  • Fundraising
  • Use of digital technologies and data protection
  • Safeguarding

By using Digi-Board, the board also promotes “use of digital” in line with the Charity Digital Code of Practice.

Digi-Board is applicable to all charities.  Successful reviews have been completed for charities with annual incomes from £200,000 to over £70 million. 

Contact us:

Frank: 07771 986 487

Helen: 07973 832 784

Website: www.thedigiboard.co.uk

Email: support@thedigiboard.co.uk