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Eight principles to address the diversity deficit in charity leadership

To create stronger, more resilient charities we are asking charity leaders, and leaders from wider civil society organisations that want to tackle racism in the sector, to sign up to eight leadership principles that address equity, diversity and inclusion.

These principles are part of the Racial Diversity in the Charity Sector report, done in collaboration with the Institute of Fundraising. 

As a leader I will:

  1. Acknowledge that there is a problem with racial diversity in the charity sector and commit to working to change that.
  2. Recognise the important role leaders have in creating change by modelling positive behaviour and taking action.
  3. Learn about racial bias and how it impacts leadership decisions.
  4. Commit to setting permanent and minimum targets for diversity that reflects the participants, donors, beneficiaries and the population of the area that my charity operates in.
  5. Commit to action and invest resources, where necessary, in order to improve racial diversity in my charity.
  6. View staff as the sum of many parts rather than a single entity and recruit to build a diverse group of talented people collectively working towards a shared vision.
  7. Recruit for potential, not perfection.
  8. Value lived experience, the ability to draw from one’s lived experience and to bring insights to an organisation that can develop its work.

Who has made the commitments?

Please click on the names to read more about the work each leader is doing regarding the principles.

  1. Vicky Browning, CEO, ACEVO
  2. Thomas Lawson, CEO, Turn2Us
  3. Jonathan Freeman, CEO, CareTech Foundation
  4. Beth Upton, CEO, Money Tree Fundraising
  5. Michael Adamson, chief executive, British Red Cross
  6. Heather Osborne, chief executive, Age UK Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin
  7. Howard Sinclair, chief executive, St. Mungo’s
  8. Helena Holt, chief executive, Devon Air Ambulance
  9. Alison Lowe, chief executive, Touchstone
  10. Patricia Armstrong OBE, chief executive, ACOSVO
  11. Sara Llewellin, chief executive, Barrow Cadbury Trust
  12. Menai Owen-Jones, CEO, The Pituitary Foundation
  13. Teri Stephenson, CEO, Age UK Lancashire
  14. Paul Parker, recording clerk, Quakers
  15. Ruth Potter, charity manager, OCAY
  16. Matt Stringer, CEO, RNIB
  17. Penny Wilson, chief executive, Gettting on Board
  18. Annie Warburton, chief executive, Cockpit Arts
  19. Jaine Stannard, chief executive, School-Home Support
  20. John Schless, chief executive, Greenwich Students’ Union
  21. Jo Gough, chief executive, RISE UK
  22. Ben Kernighan, CEO, Leap Confronting Conflict
  23. Ruth Kettle, CEO, Community Links
  24. Catherine McLeod MBE, CEO, Dingley’s Promise
  25. Sherrylyn Peck, chief executive, Safer London
  26. Tom Clarke-Forrest, founder & chief executive, Sport 4 Life UK
  27. Peter Lewis, CEO, Chartered Institute of Fundraising
  28. Laura Sercombe, CEO, Girls Friendly Society
  29. Ali Golds, CEO, The Juno Project
  30. Camilla Knox-Peebles, CEO, AMREF Health Africa UK
  31. Hilda Hayo, Chief Admiral Nurse, Dementia UK
  32. Clive Stone, CEO, Oakleaf Enterprise
  33. Donna John, executive director, Ignite
  34. Kamran Mallick, CEO, Disability Rights UK
  35. Louise Parkes, CEO, Great Ormond Street Hospital
  36. Gail Gibbons, CEO, Sheffield Futures
  37. Jane Ide, CEO, NAVCA
  38. Rebecca Gray, CEO, Maudsley Charity
  39. Dalton Leong, CEO, The Children’s Trust
  40. Patrick Wolter, CEO, Mary Frances Trust
  41. Josh Macalister, CEO, Frontline
  42. Andy Burman, CEO, British Dietetic Association
  43. Mark Rowland, CEO, Mental Health Foundation
  44. Michelle Mitchell, CEO, Cancer Research UK
  45. Sonya Chowdhury, CEO, Action for M.E.
  46. Eddie Blaze, CEO, Emmaus Oxford
  47. Tim Cooper, CEO, United Response
  48. Tom Wright, CEO, Guide Dogs for the blind association
  49. Darren Cormack, CEO, MAG International
  50. Melanie Armstrong, CEO, Action for Children
  51. Karen Ingala Smith, CEO, nia
  52. Matthew Reed, chief executive, Marie Curie
  53. James Blake, CEO YHA England and Wales
  54. Sonia Mangan, CEO Carer’s Support West Sussex
  55. Karl Wilding, CEO, NCVO
  56. Javed Khan, CEO Barnardos
  57. Ellen Miller, acting CEO, Rodger McMillan, chair of trustees, Versus Arthritis
  58. Nik Peasgood, chief executive, Leeds Women’s Aid
  59. Sarah Hughes, CEO, Centre for Mental Health
  60. Simon Blake, CEO, Mental Health First Aid England
  61. Robin Osterley, CEO, Charity Retail Association
  62. Kate Lee, CEO, Alzheimer’s Society
  63. Jackie O’Sullivan, Executive Director. Royal Mencap Society
  64. Derek Walker, CEO, Wales Co-Operative Centre
  65. John Herriman, CEO, National Emergencies Trust
  66. Derri Burdon, CEO, Curious Minds
  67. Natasha Porter, CEO, Unlocked Graduates
  68. Jonathan Barnard, CEO, World Land Trust
  69. Ingrid Tennessee, CEO, Quo Vadis Trust
  70. Jenni Wiggle, CEO, Living Streets
  71. Philip Goodwin, CEO, VSO International
  72. James Campbell, CEO, Garden Organic Ryton
  73. Maryanne Matthews, CEO, EY Foundation
  74. Graeme Hodge, CEO, All We Can
  75. Jolanta Lasota, CEO, Ambitious about Autism
  76. Alan Markey, director of services, Covadvice
  77. Zoe Richards, CEO Learning Disability Wales
  78. Ginny Brown, CEO Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
  79. Rosie Ferguson, CEO House of St Barnabas
  80. Gemma Peters, CEO, Blood Cancer UK
  81. Dan Corry, CEO, NPC
  82. Emma Thomas, CEO, Young Minds
  83. Paul Snell, CEO, Walsingham Support
  84. Anne Fox, CEO, and Jess Mullen, head of policy and communications, Clinks
  85. Paul Roberts, CEO, Aspire Oxford
  86. John Poyton, CEO, Redthread
  87. Ricard Kramer, CEO, Sense and Sense International 
  88. Jamie Gaul, CEO, Action for Carers Surrey
  89. Sarah Hill, CEO, IDAS
  90. Mark Devlin, CEO, Young Epilepsy
  91. Katharine Sacks-Jones, CEO, Become
  92. Jules Hillier, CEO, Pause
  93. Emma Colyer, director, Body and Soul
  94. Carol Mack, CEO, ACF
  95. Catherine Roche, CEO, Place2Be
  96. Niki Mardas, executive director, Global Canopy
  97. Louise Macdonald, CEO, Young Scot
  98. Polly Neate, CEO, Shelter
  99. Darren Knight, CEO, George House Trust
  100. Angela McConville, CEO, National Childbirth Trust
  101. Mark Simms, CEO, P3
  102. Mark Lee, CEO, The Together Trust
  103. Lynda Thomas, CEO, Macmillan Cancer Support
  104. Amanda Batten, CEO, Contact
  105. Emma Gibson, CEO, London Travel Watch
  106. Elaine Tierney, chair, The Tin Music and Arts Coventry
  107. Kate Allen, CEO, Autism at Kingwood
  108. Michelle Hill, CEO, TLC
  109. Dr Greg Ussher, CEO, Metro
  110. Alastair Wilson, CEO. School for Social Entrepreneurs
  111. Julie Bentley, CEO, Samaritans
  112. Louise McGeehan, CEO, Just for Kids Law
  113. Gill Perkins, CEO, Bumblebee Conservation Trust
  114. Ndidi Okezie, CEO, UK Youth
  115. Peter Wanless, CEO, NSPCC
  116. Tom Doyle, CEO, Yorkshire MESMAC Group of Services
  117. Darren York, chief executive, TCV
  118. Jason Suckley, CEO, Make-A-Wish
  119. Julia Beart, CEO, Primary Care International
  120. Reyahn King, CEO, York Museums Trust
  121. Nick Moberly, CEO, MS Society
  122. Aaron Oxley, executive director, RESULTS UK
  123. Norman Goodwin, chief executive, Adoption Matters
  124. Rich Grahame, chief executive, Settle
  125. Juliet Bouverie, chief executive, Stroke Association
  126. Ed Mayo, chief executive, Pilotlight

To commit to these principles