ACEVO Masterclass - Presenting with Impact & Charisma

Develop your influencing, pitching and public speaking skills, dramatically enhancing your charisma and delivering your message to achieve your desired results

This one-day session will give specific, tailored voice coaching to improve clarity, control and impact.

By the end of the masterclass you will be able to

  • feel confident and in control when speaking in public 
  • build rapport with groups quickly and easily and keep your audience’s active attention 
  • know that the language you are using means that your key message is being heard and taken in
  • use the delicacy and power of your voice to keep an audience in the palm of your hand 
  • stimulate easy interaction from an audience to fully engage them in your ideas
  • be perceived as credible, approachable and charismatic
  • understand your audience and push their  'hot buttons' 
  • be at your best and allow your passion to shine through whatever the presentation

This event is part of our Masterclass series. Each class is a stand-alone event, or can be completed in conjunction with others in the series. You can book to attend five events in the series for the price of four, contact for more details.

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