ACEVO Masterclass - Your Life in Balance

Learn how to use simple, powerful techniques to help you harness the positive impact of stress and eliminate the negative effects

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By the end of this masterclass you will be able to:

  • put yourself 'in the driving seat' and retain control of your emotions
  • identify your personal stress triggers and know what to do next
  • notice when your current mood state is getting in the way
  • develop simple 'anchoring' techniques to tap into your most productive mood states
  • remain calm and relaxed when circumstances don't go as you had planned
  • deliver presentations confidently and actually enjoy public speaking
  • reduce your stress levels and use tools and techniques to help others reduce theirs
  • be in your most resourceful, energised and motivated state when it's most important to you

This event is part of our Masterclass series. Each class is a stand-alone event, though it can be completed in conjunction with others in the series. You can book to attend five events in the series for the price of four. Contact for more details.

Special price for ACEVO members in the Health and Social Care sectors: £50 (with a £200 bursary - contact to apply)

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