Arts and Heritage SIG

An opportunity for leaders in the arts, culture and heritage sector to meet and discuss their experiences and challenges.

Next meeting:

  • Date: Tuesday 9 July
  • Time: 14.45 - 17.00
  • Venue: The London Library, 14 St James's Square, St. James's, London SW1Y 4LG

Topic: Cultural capital and the social/economic case

Speaker: Adala Leeson,  head of social and economic research, Historic England

People value heritage. Evidence and data tells us this from, for example, visits to heritage sites, heritage property values, and surveys from owners, visitors and other stakeholders. While the message that heritage is important and valuable to people is clear, this does not easily translate in investment and public funding decisions. A key reason is because it is difficult to capture the economic value of heritage. Economics can be a powerful tool - albeit only one of many - but it is relatively underutilised in making the case for heritage. In this session we will explore  how this important tool can be better used and developed taking best practice from, for example, the environmental sector to develop a cultural and heritage capital approach. The goal is to better equip the sector in articulating and capturing the total economic value of heritage.