Breakout session 1: Building brilliance

ACEVO annual conference 2019: Leading outside the ordinary



1.1 In conversation: modernising governance through engaging your community

Chris Sherwood, chief executive, RSPCA and Ellie Southwood, chair, RNIB. Facilitator: Rosie Ferguson, chair, ACEVO 

When Chris took the helm at the RSPCA in August, he launched the biggest shake-up in the charity’s governance since 1974 to support the Society to make an even bigger difference for animals as it approaches it's 200th anniversary. Ellie became chair of RNIB during a particularly turbulent time in the charity’s history, determined to increase the organisation’s relevance to the people it serves. Chris and Ellie talk to ACEVO chair Rosie about how they are each working to involve their communities in shaping and delivering good governance. 

1.2 Leadership learning: making your workplace happy

Henry Stewart, chief happiness officer, Happy Ltd. and Sally de la Bedoyere, chief executive, Blue Cross

For Blue Cross, developing a happy workplace where staff are encouraged to ‘bring their whole self to work’ has led to greater productivity and tangible results. Sally and Henry will reveal what happens when you place people at the heart of what you do and how you can become a leader that people would choose to be led by.

1.3 Leadership learning: building personal resilience in a fast-paced world

Hannah Massarella, founder, Bird

Rapid change, increased uncertainty, rising demand, and the call for greater transparency and accountability all add up to a growing pressure on social sector CEOs. Being able to bounce back from stressful or challenging experiences is essential. Developing your personal resilience will help you have a clearer view of stressful situations and work more efficiently and effectively.

1.4 Panel: making the most of young talent

According to PwC’s 2018 Workforce of the Future report, 88% of millennials want to work for an organisation whose values reflect their own. But purpose as a brand isn’t enough, even for the social sector. How can we develop purposeful roles and purposeful careers that harness the skills and talent of the younger generation as employees, supporters and leaders? What sort of qualities does it take to lead a millennial workforce?

1.5 Hack: building a better board - balancing risk and opportunity

Tim Rutherford, head of charity and social enterprise sector group, Stone King LLP and Hannah Kubie, partner, Stone King LLP

In an era of uncertain income streams, safeguarding concerns and increasing calls for transparency, how can we stop a necessary focus on risk from overwhelming opportunity and the potential for innovation? As CEOs, how can we build better boards that enable trustees to maintain a positive balance of scrutiny and strategy?


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