Breakout session 2: Leading responsibly

ACEVO annual conference 2019: Leading outside the ordinary



2.1 In conversation: moral leadership - the CEO's role

Sarah Hughes, chief executive, Centre for Mental Health 

Danny Sriskandarajah, chief executive, Oxfam GB

Facilitator: Vicky Browning, chief executive, ACEVO 

Creating a safe, positive and inclusive culture within our organisations requires us to role model positive behaviours and challenge conduct that counters our values. Drawing on recent research into the sector, Sarah will discuss the role of the CEO in setting the tone and holding the line. 

2.2 Panel: responding to the climate change emergency

Global warming is the most pressing challenge facing us collectively – so how should leaders of non-environmentally focused charities be reacting? Should we be spending more or differently to be green given the pressures on ‘overhead’ costs? What’s our sector’s role in speaking out about the impact of climate change on the disadvantaged/ marginalised communities we support and the need for action? And what does leadership really mean in in terms of sustaining a long term commitment through changing boards, chairs and CEOs? 

2.3 Leadership learning: what's that coming over the hill? Investing responsibly in uncertain times

Christopher Querée, investment director, head of charities, Ruffer 

Leading responsibly requires looking through the short-term challenges and considering the long-term tectonic shifts that may impact the stakeholders of charities over future generations.  The past 30 years have been kind to investors, but in these extraordinary times, the focus is now on “what happens next?” This session will consider geopolitics, global economic and environmental, social and corporate governance issues through the prism of the charity CEO.

2.4 Panel: encouraging ethical entrepreneurialism

How can we be commercially savvy while maximising public benefit? Is our aim to make money which we then use to further our charitable cause, or to further our charitable cause through our business? Is it OK to do anything to raise money for a charitable cause? What would ‘too commercial’ look like? Our panel of entrepreneurial leaders will get to grips with some key ethical questions for social sector organisations.

2.5 Hack: ethical fundraising, sustainable giving - leading responsible fundraising in challenging times

Peter Lewis, chief executive, Institute of Fundraising 

What’s the CEO’s role in engaging the board and fundraising team to convince supporters to invest in your organisation? How can we ensure our fundraisers understand and articulate our organisation's mission? How can we encourage our boards to balance income generation with responsible stewardship? And what does good practice look like in terms of transparency around your organisation's finances and fundraising practices?


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