Emerging Leaders Programme 2017

Developing Your Leadership Potential

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The coaching is really powerful. This course felt bite-sized and manageable

Designed to balance your specific requirements in terms of knowledge and skills development, with the demands of a busy schedule, the programme blends a variety of approaches to suit all learning styles and preferences. The 10 week series of workshops, online learning modules, coaching and support will expand your self-awareness and help you gain valuable insights into how other people think, feel and respond in the workplace. The Emerging Leaders Programme will give you powerful practical skills and a sound base of leadership knowledge that will serve you well in current and future roles.

An opportunity to open your eyes, mind and self to understanding yourself and others

Learning outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will have:

  • Clarified the role of the Chief Executive: key responsibilities and accountabilities (including legal)
  • Determined if the Chief Executive role matches their aspirations
  • Developed insight into their own leadership role within an environment of change and transformation, including their part in being a change catalyst and how this can help place them in line for a Chief Executive role
  • Explored their own style and capability to lead others and identify/realise opportunities for growth
  • Created a Professional Development Plan to assist them in achieving their career aspirations
  • Identified the steps and acquired the skills required to search, apply for and obtain a Chief Executive role
  • Developed their confidence and capability to undertake their current and future roles
  • Established a Peer Learning Cohort to provide a mechanism for reflection and support

Really useful to teach me more about myself and my learning and influencing styles.

The programme

  • The course consists of six online learning modules, three teleconference meetings and two participant workshop

Dates and prices will be released in due course.