Emerging Leaders Programme 2017

Bookings are now open for our upcoming emerging leaders programme from 2 October - 1 December 2017.

We are passionate about nurturing the leaders of tomorrow and have put together a programme to help senior managers explore how you can be at your best in your current role and also to progress your career to become a chief executive.

Designed to balance your specific requirements in terms of knowledge and skills development, with the demands of a busy schedule, the programme blends a variety of approaches to suit all learning styles and preferences.

This series of workshops, online learning modules, coaching and support will expand your self-awareness and help you gain valuable insights into how other people think, feel and respond in the workplace. The emerging leaders programme will give you powerful practical skills and a sound base of leadership knowledge that will serve you well in current and future roles. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the programme participants will have:

  • Clarified the role of the chief executive: key responsibilities and accountabilities (including legal)
  • Determined if the chief executive role matches their aspirations
  • Developed insight into their own leadership role within an environment of change and transformation, including their part in being a change catalyst and how this can help place them in line for a chief executive role
  • Explored their own style and capability to lead others and identify/realise opportunities for growth
  • Created a professional development plan to assist them in achieving their career aspirations
  • Identified the steps and acquired the skills required to search, apply for and obtain a chief executive role
  • Developed their confidence and capability to undertake their current and future roles
  • Established a peer learning cohort to provide a mechanism for reflection and support

 2 October - 1 December programme 

Bookings are now open for this programme. The dates are as follows:      

  • Monday 2 October - Online learning module 1: ‘Emerging leaders’ programme introduction 
  • Wednesday 11  October - Welcome teleconference
  • Thursday 12 October - Online learning module 2: The emerging leader
  • Wednesday 18 October - Face to face workshop 1: Personal and professional leadership alignment
  • Thursday 19 October - Online learning module 3: Leadership styles & communication 2 
  • Thursday  9 November - Personal tele-coaching feedback 
  • Friday 10 November - Online learning module 4: 360’ insights
  • Wednesday 15 November - Face to face workshop 2: Leading from the inside out
  • Wednesday 15 November - Online learning module 5: Your pathway to success 
  • Thursday 30 November - Teleconference 
  • 1 December - Online learning module 6:Celebrating success

Follow up

  • 1 March 2018 - Follow up teleconference 

An outline of the course and the key dates is here.