Building high performing teams

Values-driven recruitment is a key issue for civil society leaders. But building an engaged, committed and interested team does not stop when the recruitment process finishes.

In this workshop, Henry Stewart, CEO of Happy, will share his expertise on developing and sustaining high performing teams, a holistic task that encompasses recruitment and people management. You will learn how to attract the right people as well as how empathy and active listening can empower and enable individuals to reach their full potential, therefore building a motivated and inspiring team.

What you will learn:

  • How to recruit for attitude
  • How to create effective interviews, where candidates do the job (rather than talk about doing the job)
  • How to be a manager who multiplies their people’s talents
  • How to listen with empathy
  • How to coach your team to success by empowering them to discover their own solutions
  • Your role as coach
  • The benefits and steps to providing positive feedback
  • How to dealing with people challenges effectively

Key themes covered:

  • Recruiting for attitude, collaborative hiring; work sample interviews
  • Our best managers: learning from experience
  • Multipliers & Diminishers: Key characteristics
  • The five multiplier roles:talent manager; investor; challenger; liberator: debate maker
  • Active listening
  • The ABC of coaching; using TED
  • Simple coaching skills to encourage responsibility within your team
  •  Positive and constructive feedback
  • Frameworks for difficult conversations
  • Personal action plan beyond the programme

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