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Diversity in the charity sector: external resources

Initiatives, useful information, and resources provided by our partners and other organisations.

Campaigns and collectives

Charity So White: a POC-led campaign tackling institutional racism in the charity sector.

HALO: an alliance of organisations and individuals working to create a future without hair discrimination.

The Equality Republic: a partnership of people who work on equalities issues.

DEI Coalition: a movement for change within the UK philanthropic sector to ensure that we embody and embed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion throughout our work.

The Racial Equity Index: producing an index and advocacy tools that will provide greater accountability for racial equity within and across the global development sector in order to dismantle structural racism and create a more equitable system and culture, with justice and dignity at its core.  

Grant Givers’ Movement: an opportunity for people working in grant-giving to collaborate and challenge the status-quo on issues such as where endowments are invested, where power lies, systems change and the role of philanthropy in tackling some of society’s most pressing problems. 

Training and Programmes

Action for Trustee Racial Diversity: provides charities with knowledge, resources, toolkits, networks and specialist advice to enable them to take practical steps to increase the racial diversity of their Boards.

Beyond Suffrage: a trustee training programme that has been developed to increase the number of women from Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic communities, serving at board level.

2027 Partnerships: a 10-year programme that is designed to shift power in the grant-making sector. Its aim is to enable those not commonly provided a platform from working-class communities, an opportunity to enter the sector, bring in decision-making expertise from minority and working-class communities and to lead change.