Leading with Heart and Head

Click below to view the film of our annual conference and here to view the full programme which specifically examines the complexity of running a 21st century charity and the sector’s wider contribution to society.

To get a taste of the full programme see the trailer here and for the abridged version that was screened at conference see here.

See here for the full film.

The programme made in partnership by ACEVO and ITN Productions outlines the dimensions of the challenges being faced by charity and social enterprise leaders and explores how ACEVO is best placed to support leaders across the country and the range of causes they represent. The programme additionally describes how the corporate sector can assist leaders approach issues ranging from risk management through to fund protection and growth.

We hope that both members and other stakeholders will find the content useful both as an examination of the sector and as a tool that they can use to present the work they do to the widest possible audience. In essence, it is intended as a means to share ideas and knowledge.