ACEVO Look Out series



The ACEVO Look Out series is an invitation only, curated event season inviting the CEOs of the UK’s largest and fastest growing charities to engage with fresh perspectives on leadership as connected leaders.

The Look Out lunches are idea-generating sessions in a relaxed setting, featuring thought-provoking speakers alongside pioneering charity chiefs and their peers. The series is hosted with our partners CCLA, investment managers for good.

The series connects delegates with guest speakers from leading organisations outside civil society.

•       10 April 2019 – Connecting with the Commission. In October, the Charity Commission set out its statement of strategic intent and key objectives over the next five years. The strategy demands higher standards from charities, while promising that the regulator will play a more active role in the sector and offer more support. Commission chair Baroness Tina Stowell discusses her vision of the regulator’s purpose. What should the relationship between sector and regulator look like? What can we expect from each other? And how can we work together to deliver a thriving and trusted sector that improves lives and strengthens society?

•       4 June 2019 – Being bolder with the media: Charities are involved in every aspect of life and yet all too often we approach journalists with stories based on marketing campaigns or tightly drawn hard news announcements rather than with the authenticity of real life. Nicholas Hellen, social affairs editor at the Sunday Times, shares his thoughts on how charities should change their tack with the press to generate more positive coverage of their activity and impact, why CEOs need to take responsibility for building relationships with key journalists and how to build trust for mutual benefit.

•       5 September 2019 – The future of fundraising regulation: January 2019 brought in the appointment of Lord Harris of Haringey as chair of The Fundraising Regulator. The regulator’s vision is a world in which fundraising is ethical and giving is sustainable; where donors and fundraisers have respect for each other. Lord Harris joins us on 5 September to share his sense of how the sector is progressing towards that vision, where he sees the Regulator’s key responsibilities lie and how the relationship between the sector and the regulator should develop.

•       January 2020 – date, topic and speaker to be confirmed