Terms and Conditions

ACEVO is a membership organisation and members must pay an annual fee, in addition to a joining fee, to belong. 

Members have certain constitutional rights as set out in the Articles of Association. 

The specific benefits of membership (other than those provided in the Articles) are at the discretion of ACEVO and may be varied from time to time without prior notice.

Members are entitled to benefits (subject to a qualifying period for certain services) from the date on which they join/renew until the earlier of (a) the anniversary of their joining/renewing and (b) the date on which ACEVO ceases operations.

ACEVO membership applies to the individual who joins as a member and not to their organisation (irrespective of who pays for the membership).

Members will be issued with a membership ID number which may be requested when a member seeks to access member benefits.


The annual membership fee is based on an organisation's most recently reported annual turnover.

Membership applies for a term of either 1 or 3 years starting on the day of joining. Membership payment must be made in total before he benefits of membership with ACEVO can be received.

Payment can be made by credit card, cheque, BACS or Direct Debit. Direct Debit payments attract a 10% discount on an annual membership. 3 year memberships attract a 15% discount. 

If membership payment remains outstanding we will notify you by telephone, email or letter.

Membership applies from the first day of the month nearest to the date on which a member joins.

Membership fees paid are not refundable, including in the event that ACEVO ceases operations.

Personal details

All information provided by you to us must be true and accurate at the point of applying. In the event of a change of circumstances such as moving jobs, change of contact details or any other change that will affect your profile, a member should update their profile through your account on the ACEVO website.


Members of ACEVO will be able to access a range of services and benefits, each of which may have more specific terms and conditions separately. Member benefits are only accessible if membership is active. Member benefits change from time to time without prior notice.  

Transfer of membership 

ACEVO membership is individual. In the event that a member leaves their organisation, their membership will be tranferred to another individual, if the organisation paid for the membership. If the member paid themselves, they will take the membership with them to their new role. The member should update ACEVO as soon as possible.


Membership is for the term of 1 or 3 years.

For members who pay by direct debit, an email notification will be sent four weeks prior to the renewal date indicating the cost of the renewed membership and the date the payment will be taken. Payment is usually taken on the first day of the renewal month or last working day of the previous month.

For members who pay by credit card, cheque or BACS, email renewal reminders will be sent before the membership expires.

If membership lapses, the former member will not be able to access the members area of the website or other member benefits until the membership is renewed. If the membership is reactivated within three months of lapsing, the joining fee will not be charged, and the membership will be retrospectively reactivated to the day following the original date of expiry.

The member should apply for membership within the turnover band most recently reported. In the event that the organisation for which member works has grown (or reduced) since the members joined/last renewed, the membership will be renewed in the turnover band most recently reported. Adjustments will not be made (in either direction) during a year. 

We based membership on annual turnover. But using ‘currently applicable’ figures is not very accurate in predicting actual annual turnover. Would prefer to use ‘most recently reported’ i.e. last full financial year as this also matches our policy for renewals.


Membership services commence as soon as an application is processed. A member may cancel their membership at any time, but the membership fee (and joining fee if applicable) will not be refunded.

Members must notify ACEVO in writing if they wish to cancel membership either by email at membership@acevo.org.uk or by post to ACEVO, 150 Fenchurch Street, 4th Floor, London, EC3M 6BB.

Data protection 

By applying for membership of ACEVO, each member agrees that ACEVO may use their data for the following purposes:

  • ACEVO may use a member’s contact details to send promotional information relating to member benefits and potentially relevant opportunities

  • ACEVO may send information and briefing material about potentially relevant sector issues

  • ACEVO may provide a member’s contact details (including name, job title, and organisation) to other members who are expected to attend or participate in events and services which the member is expected to attend/participate in.

  • ACEVO may store a member’s details electronically in order to process applications, invoices and otherwise administer membership services

Except in connection with the activities described above or where required to do so by law, we will not share your data with third parties without your permission.

Intellectual Property Rights 

Copyright and all intellectual property rights in all material supplied by ACEVO to its members rests with ACEVO to the fullest extent possible.

Members may not reproduce, sell, hire or copy ACEVO materials without consent.

Limitation of Liability

To the extent permitted by law, ACEVO will not be liable by reason of breach of contract, negligence or otherwise for any loss or consequential loss occasioned to any person acting omitting to act or refraining from acting in reliance upon materials, information or opinion supplied by ACEVO. Consequential loss includes, but is not limited to, any loss of profits or anticipated profits, damage to reputation or goodwill, loss of business or anticipated business, damages, costs, expenses incurred or payable to any third party or any other indirect or consequential losses.

Force Majeure 

ACEVO shall not be liable for any delays or failures in performance or breach of contract due to events or circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Changes to Terms and Conditions 

ACEVO reserves the right to change or update the terms and conditions without prior notice.