Morar HPI


About us 

Founded in 1978, Morar HPI is part of the Next 15 Group. 

We are a team of 80 consultants currently delivering research, insight and strategy consulting to more than 100 organisations globally. 

We have worked extensively in the charities sector (E.g. Alzheimer's Society, Cancer Research UK, WWF and GOSH) 

Using both quantitative and qualitative techniques we help not for profits brands pre-test and evaluate campaigns, increase donor support, monitor the support journey and safeguard retention.

BrandVue Charities 

In February 2018 we launched BrandVue Charities, a syndicated tracker providing daily perception tracking amongst 60,000 nationally representative UK individuals, covering over 120 not for profit brands delivered via a state of the art online dashboard.

BrandVue Charities offers data and insight on general public perceptions, volunteer and donor consideration, donor satisfaction and lapsed supporters.

Daily perception tracking covering 120+ not for profit brands in the UK 

1 - Identify strengths and weaknesses of your brand as seen through the eyes of the public.

2 - Benchmark the experience of your supporters, measuring loyalty, satisfaction and advocacy.

3 - Understand how to maintain and increase donor support.

4 - Discover better ways to recruit new supporters.

5 - Locate lost supporters and discover ways to win them back. 



Twitter: @MorarHPI

Telephone: +44 (0) 207 908 6530 or 07909514858