Dynamic Duo

When the relationship between chair and chief executive is strong they are a dynamic duo, both adding value to the organisation. When the relationship is in trouble it’s hard on both chair and CEO and the organisation suffers. This event explores how to balance the roles and how to bring out the best in each other.

The event looks at the CEO/chair relationship from both perspectives. It is an opportunity for you to hear from and share ideas with your peers.

Leeds, Thursday 15 November, book now

Topics include:

  • what does the relationship look like when it works well
  • practical realities and experiences from chairs and CEOs
  • how to establish and develop a supportive culture
  • how to deal with conflict

The session is led by Jenny Berry, Director of Leadership & Governance, ACEVO and Ruth Lesirge, chair and Ros Oakley, executive director, Association of Chairs. It will also feature guest chairs and CEOs to share their experiences.

The session will provide you with:

  • Frameworks for you to think about your relationship.
  • An understanding of  common warning signs and what to do about them.
  • Insight into how other people manage the relationship and how they have overcome difficulties.
  • An opportunity to explore issues  with your peers,  chair to chair and CEO to CEO.
  • Time and space to decide ways forward with your chair or CEO.

Chairs and chief executives are both welcome; we particularly recommend you come as a pair. It’s a good opportunity to take stock of and review how you are working together.

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"The opportunity to sit together and discuss balance was great. We don't make enough time to do this (but will now!)."

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