ACEVO in the News 1-8 February

Published: Monday 9 February 2015 - 11:15

A summary of ACEVO's media coverage for early February 2015

Care Management Matters, 'Time for Change'

The Psychologist, 'After Winterbourne'

Charity Finance, 'A brake on campaigning?'

Charity Finance, 'Navigating the trust journey'

Civil Society, 'Shawcross reappointment a 'grave concern', says Bubb'

Third Sector, 'Reappointment of Shawcross as regulator chair was 'done on the quiet', ACEVO says'

Charity Times, 'ACEVO chief queries process behind Shawcross reappointment'

Islington Tribune, 'Letters: Hooray for pledge to repeal Tory Act!'

Civil Society, 'We need more mergers, but not for the reasons proposed by the 'too many charities' lobby'

New Statesman, 'Government NHS reforms adviser: Burnham's plan for patient choice is the right way'

Third Force News, 'ACEVO launches blistering attack on Shawcross appointment'

Voluntary News, 'Look at sector capacity in health and wellbeing'

Clitheroe Advertiser and Times, 'No plans to shut down Calderstones'

National Health Executive, 'Government failed to keep Winterbourne View promise'

Third Sector, 'Sector bodies have failed to stand up to funding cuts, NCIA report says'

Civil Society, 'Cabinet Office Minister to step down at next election'

Daily Telegraph, 'Hundreds of volunteers to help free up beds in over-stretched hospitals'

Third Sector, 'Three charities start 12-week trial helping out in A&E departments'

Civil Society, 'Government announces £1.2m for charities to support A&E departments'

Charity Times, '£1.2m in grants for charities to ease strain on A&E'

Health Service Journal, HSJ Live 5 Feb 2015

The Guardian, 'Charity volunteers to help 29 A&E hospital departments'

BBC Radio Somerset, ACEVO's George Bangham interviewed on Breakfast Show about volunteers in Musgrove Hospital

Third Sector, 'Social investment will feature in Tory manifesto'

National Health Executive, 'The scalpel'

Civil Society, 'Transparency is not the same as communication'

Civil Society, 'Society Diary'

The Guardian, 'From fraud to funding: the future of charity regulation'