ACEVO in the News: Party Conference coverage

Published: Thursday 16 October 2014 - 09:30

A roundup of media coverage of ACEVO's 2014 party conference programme, in partnership with Charities Aid Foundation, Social Investment Business and Big Society Capital

ACEVO's autumn 2014 political party conference programme was our largest ever, and featured two main series of events. We launched our Red, Blue and Yellow Books of the Voluntary Sector, collections of essays by leading parliamentarians and commentators from the 3 largest political parties. We also held three social investment summits, with the Social Investment Business and Big Society Capital, whose speakers included Financial Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke MP, Shadow Minister for Civil Society Lisa Nandy MP, and the new Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson MP.

Coverage of our essay launch events included:

Third Sector, 22 Sep, 'Government-sector relationship the most fractious for ten years, says Lisa Nandy'

Civil Society, 22 Sep, 'Labour to focus on grant funding for charities'

Lancashire Telegraph, 29 Sep, 'Will Straw full of praise for Rossendale Volunteer Army'

Civil Society, 1 Oct, 'Conservative Party members in the charity sector face prejudice if they reveal their allegiance'

Civil Society, 1 Oct, 'Blog: it's not the minister who counts'

Civil Society, 3 Oct, 'Minister warned Crisis against campaigning on government benefits policies'

Civil Society, 8 Oct, 'Liberal Democrat MP says reform of the Lobbying Act first priority'

Third Sector, 9 Oct, 'Lib Dem government would amend Lobbying Act as first priority, writes MP'

Conservative Home, 14 Oct, 'Jesse Norman MP: The Government needs to make the case for Big Society principles once again'

Conservative Home, 15 Oct, 'Danny Kruger: Cameron stopped proclaiming the Big Society. But now he should start once again.'

Conservative Home, 16 Oct, 'Kwasi Kwarteng MP: Lessons for the Big Society from Spelthorne'

Coverage of our social investment summits included:

Third Sector, 23 Sep, 'Lisa Nandy says a Labour government should train third sector commissioners'

Civil Society, 23 Sep, 'Too many charities 'moan and whinge', says Scope CEO'

Civil Society, 23 Sep, 'Nandy outlines Labour position on social investment'

Third Sector, 30 Sep, 'Social investment promoters should not alienate sceptical charities, says Leonard Cheshire Disability head Clare Pelham'

Third Sector, 30 Sep, 'New charities minister Rob Wilson pledges to ensure the sector thrives and is supported'

Civil Society, 30 Sep, 'Charity trustees feel alienated by social investment, says charity CEO'

Civil Society, 30 Sep, 'New minister says a few words at Tory conference'

General coverage of our conference programme included:

BBC Daily Politics, 22 Sep, ACEVO Policy Officer George Bangham interviewed by Andrew Neil

Civil Society, 26 Sep, 'What are Labour's plans for charities'

The Guardian, 29 Sep, 'What can the charity sector expect from the new Minister for Civil Society?'

Civil Society, 3 Oct, 'Society Diary: Minister fails to keep within his brief. Or briefs.'

The Guardian, 9 Oct, 'Five things charities need to know from the party conferences'

Lib Dem Voice, 15 Oct, 'The Liberal Democrats and Civil Society'