"The Charity Commission’s board has never been less representative"

Published: Friday 27 May 2016 - 09:15

ACEVO CEO Designate Asheem Singh responds to re-appointments to the Charity Commission's board.

Commenting on the Commission’s new board, ACEVO Chief Executive designate Asheem Singh said:

“The charity commission’s board has never been less representative or aware of the sector it is supposed to regulate.

“Claire Dove was the only board member with active working knowledge of the sector. Her loss means that we have left behind a pick and mix of bureaucrats, lawyers and theoreticians.

“The reappointment of Gwythian Prins is a huge blow to the integrity of the  commission. The Cabinet Office recently announced an investigation into the propriety of Mr Prins’ political remarks. Yet his reappointment has been apparently waved through.

“The governance arrangements of the commission must now be considered as gravely compromised.  Charities deserve better than to have the board of their regulator being run as little more than a chat room for its chair.

“Sadly, the regulator has become a byword for an inadequate and largely patrician professionalism and governance that belongs to a bygone era.  Its staff, serious, dedicated regulatory professionals, will be mortified”.