Jon Cruddas speech to ACEVO featured in New Statesman

Published: Wednesday 7 May 2014 - 14:45

Jon Cruddas' speech at the 2014 ACEVO Gathering of Social Leaders

One year before the election - Jon Cruddas reveals Labour’s plans for the social economy

Senior MPs from Labour and the Conservatives today made their first pre-election pitches to the charity and social enterprise sector, exactly one year before the General Election.
Speaking at ACEVO’s Gathering of Social Leaders this afternoon, Jon Cruddas MP, Head of Labour’s Policy Review, outlined the Labour Partys vision for charities and the social economy, and their role in political and societal renewal.
Mr. Cruddas diagnosed the problem he tackled as follows: 
"People want to be included in decisions that will affect them. Everywhere there are individuals and groups improving their communities, campaigning, and growing the social fabric that binds us together.  But our political system either fails to connect with it  or it just smothers the life out of it."
He set out Labour’s five principles for a social politics:
"The first is Transformation: we will reform institutions and devolve power to deal with the causes of our economic problems. 
"Second is Prevention: we will invest to prevent social problems rather than wasting money on reactive high cost services.           
"Third is Devolution: we will share power and responsibility with people to help them help themselves and shape their services in response to their specific needs.
"Fourth is Collaboration and Cooperation: we will increase the power of local places by building collaboration between and across public services and organisations; pooling funds to stop inefficiency and  avoid duplication.
"And finally Contribution: we will promote a model of citizenship based on reciprocity and developing character for individual resilience, good relationships and wellbeing."
The Gathering is the leading political event for the charity and social enterprise sector, that brings together policymakers and sector leaders. 2014’s Gathering took place exactly one year before the General Election on 7 May 2015.