Sir Stephen Bubb interviewed on Radio 4

Published: Friday 27 June 2014 - 13:45

ACEVO's CEO Sir Stephen Bubb appears on BBC Radio 4's World At One, speaking about charity campaigning

Following continued public debate recently about charities' role in public debate, particularly Oxfam's recent campaigning on poverty in the UK, ACEVO's Sir Stephen Bubb appeared on BBC Radio 4's World at One on 27 June to highlight the essential role civil society plays as a guarantor of democratic freedom.

Sir Stephen said that charities' role in service delivery is "inextricably linked" to their duty as advocates for their beneficiaries.

"This is yet another attempt to try and gag charities raising issues of public concern. But the second point is that charities' work in delivering services is inextricably linked with our campaigning and advocacy roles."

Commenting in his blog, Sir Stephen supported his words with recent statistics from pollsters Ipsos MORI showing that more of the public (32%) thought charities should be campaigning to change public policy than thought they currently did (24%).

The interview may be heard here, around 30 minutes into the programme:

The story was reported by the BBC here:

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