ACEVO CEO, Vicky Browning, comments on the appointment of Boris Johnson as prime minister

Published: Tuesday 23 July 2019 - 11:00

Boris Johnson elected leader of the Conservative Party

ACEVO CEO, Vicky Browning says: “Boris Johnson becomes prime minister at a time when many do not feel the government represents the issues that matter most to them and their communities. Brexit has been politically all encompassing but that has not led to clarity or certainty. Simultaneously the domestic agenda has stalled and political rhetoric is increasingly divisive. Boris Johnson has been at the centre of the Conservative party throughout this period and needs to demonstrate that he can tackle these issues both urgently and considerately.

“Civil society leaders will work with the new prime minister and government to build stronger communities and a fairer society. Part of this will involve holding the prime minister and government to account on behalf of the people and causes they serve. We hope to build an honest, open and productive relationship between the new government and the social sector.”