Jehangir Malik OBE

Jehangir Malik is chief executive of Muslim Aid, and was formerly director of Islamic Relief UK. He first worked with IRW in 1991 as a volunteer-steward at the Islamic Relief Games and was later appointed to various roles including development director of IR USA and deputy country director in Afghanistan. Jehangir engages with government departments by providing policy briefings and strategic engagement on international development and foreign policy issues while also often visiting field missions and disaster zones for fundraising and media purposes. He remains active at the UK community level through encouragement of civic engagement, initiatives for youth development and a passion for Muslim engagement on mainstream issues. In 2010, Jehangir was awarded an OBE in recognition of his 20 years of contribution to the humanitarian cause.

Jehangir has been a member of the ACEVO Board since 2015.



Twitter: @jehangirmalik