Othman Moqbel

Othman Moqbel is currently chief executive of Syria Relief, the largest UK-based Syria-focused charity. With offices in Manchester and London, it continues to expand its international presence amongst the humanitarian sector with offices operational in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and now in Jordan and Lebanon.

His career in the humanitarian sector spans back to 1992, during which time he has worked in the UK and abroad. In addition, he has spent many years as an expert speaker at inter-faith, international development and leadership in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Most recently, Othman led the British Muslim charity Human Appeal serving as its chief executive from November 2010 to December 2017. During that time the organisation grew from £3.4 million to £60 million annual income in the space of just seven years. Human Appeal became the UK’s fastest growing, and leading Muslim charity - empowering desperately needy people across 25 countries worldwide. In 2013, Human Appeal was awarded the International Charity Award at the Global Peace & Unity Festival. Then in 2017 Human Appeal awarded the prize of the best domestic project in the UK at the Muslim Charities Forum Award ceremony.

In 2016 due to Human Appeal’s incredible lifesaving work was noticed by the UN who invited Othman to speak on the delivery of aid and on refugee-related issues at the World Humanitarian Summit in front of the stakeholders and state leaders in May 2016. Prior to the summit, he participated in national, regional and global UN consultations in Europe, Africa, Middle East and the USA throughout 2014, 2015 and 2016. On the 8 February 2017 Human Appeal received a special consultative status of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC). Furthermore, in April 2017, Human Appeal was named “Charity of the Year” at the British Muslim Awards for their outstanding achievements and contribution to British society.

Othman has continued to participate in various different forums during the past decade which has involved acting as a trustee of the MCF (Muslim Charities Forum) between 2011 and 2017 and taken the role of one of the directors of Charity Futures that aims to strengthen the governance and leadership of the third sector in the UK.

In addition, Othman is an Adair International Accredited ‘Action Centred Leadership’ Trainer. His ongoing contribution led to him winning an ACEVO Fellowship Award in 2015. Moreover, Othman invests his leadership skills and abilities to inspire and mentor young people for the Mosaic network to help to inspire the next generation of leaders. In addition, Othman is also a member of the EUCLID Network – the EU’s network of third sector leaders.

Othman is an advocate for equal rights, committed to his (multi-faith) interfaith vision as a powerful way to develop an understanding of different beliefs and cultures. He utilises every opportunity he has to build peace amongst communities.

After the tragic events of the Manchester bombing, Othman was among the first in the Muslim Sector to stand and advocate for unity subsequently being named as one of the heroes of Manchester by the Evening Standard.

Othman has been active member of ACEVO since 2008 and he joined the ACEVO board in 2016.

Email: o.moqbel@syriarelief.org.uk

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/othman-mogbel

Twitter: @othman_moqbel