Research Areas

The expertise required to improve our country is to be found in the knowledge and experience of charity and social enterprise leadership.

In recognition of this, ACEVO has developed research expertise and thought-leadership on a range of areas where we can make a difference now and for the future - and where the voice of our network can drive positive change. You can access further information on each from the menu.

In all these areas we take soundings from our members - charity and social enterprise leaders -  leading politicians, thought leaders and our network of experts and in house-expertise to draw up policy proposals, highlight best practices, campaign against poor practise on the part of statutory bodies or business and identify the public good. We work directly with the Government on many of these agendas - and our policy prescriptions have been adopted by politicians of all parties and influence practice at central and local levels.

We have drawn together our position statements, publications, information about government partnerships and our wider network of experts and associates in each of these areas in this section of the website.