Powerful People, Responsible Society

Powerful People, Responsible Society was the report of the ACEVO Big Society Commission, chaired by Lord Rennard, and featuring Nick Boles MP, Lord Boateng, Dame Clare Tickell and Matt Hyde (then of the NUS) amongst others.

The report set out to examine the Coalition Government’s Big Society idea. As well as looking at public engagement with the idea of the Big Society, they also look at the ways in which this idea could be better realised.

Its major recommendations included:

  • An amendment to the Public Services (Social Enterprise and Social Value) Bill, the urgent adoption of guidance to avoid disproportionate local government cuts to the voluntary sector, and measures to improve transparency on local government funding for the voluntary sector
  • That the Government amend the Employment Rights Act 1996 to extend employees’ existing right to take reasonable time off for certain public duties to enable them to take reasonable time off, with the permission of their employers, to serve a voluntary organisation
  • That the big society be put centre stage in the upcoming Public Service Reform White Paper
  • A new, reformulated, big-society focused version of the Invest to Save Budget to invest in ground-breaking big society-related initiatives

To read the full report, and further recommendations, see here.