Public Impact Centred Regulation for Charities

Public Impact Centred Regulation for Charities was the final report of the ACEVO Taskforce on Better Regulation, chaired by Rupert Evenett. In addition to outlining the changes which the charity sector was undergoing, the report called for a positive vision of charity regulation, centred on public impact and shared by both regulator and sector. This must be targeted to ensure that charities' aims are in the public benefit (i.e. a solid policing of the boundaries to the charitable sector and the charity ‘brand’) and that charities are enabled to pursue and maximise their impact in building a more robust, fairer society.

As well as detailed recommendations for regulators, funders, government and charities, the report set out three overarching principles:

  • The regulatory default option should be that charities are enabled to pursue a more enterprising approach in realising and maximising their public impact.
  • The Charity Commission should see leading and shaping the sector’s public impact culture as a cost efficient source of high impact regulation. This should be achieved through support for professionalism, proactive guidance and a vision for the sector.
  • To increase accountability we recommend that the publication and regulatory filing of sector information should be radically reformatted, streamlined and made more transparent. This will allow greater co-regulation and a more practical public analysis of charity effectiveness.

To read the full report, and detailed recommendations, see here.