The Chief Executive’s First 100 Days, 2nd Edition

Product Code: PUB-CEO-100-2ED, Publication Date: Tuesday 26 August 2014

The Chief Executive's First 100 Days is aimed at first time CEOs as well as those with more experience who might be moving to a new role.

It provides a roadmap to navigate the countdown stage to starting a new CEO role, the first 100 days in post and beyond.

The roadmap aims to:

  • Support your transition from your current position into the new role
  • Provide a structured framework around which to focus initial actions and behaviour
  • Explore some of the issues, situations or circumstances you may encounter as CEO
  • Alert you to possible hazards or pitfalls which could divert you from your intended destination
  • Support your successful early transition in the CEO role through the 100 day marker

I often hear CEOs saying, I wish I'd known about this book when I started in my role, even as an experienced CEO or senior executive it is a great guide, reminder and starting point. You only have those 'first 100 days' once - use them wisely.

Jenny Berry, director of leadership, ACEVO