Remaking the State

The ACEVO Commission into Delivering Better Public Services was convened in late 2014, and co-chaired by author, journalist and economic commentator Will Hutton and CEO of the St Giles Trust Rob Owen.

Remaking the State was the final report of the group. In this, they outlined an innovative and challenging blueprint for not only the third sector, but all those interested in improving public services. Central to all of these ideas was putting meaningful improvement to the lives of individuals at the heart of public service delivery. They made several major recommendations, covering a range of topics, notably;

1) Pushing prevention spending to biting point through sustained cross-sector advocacy: a campaign to push prevention spending to five and then ten per cent of the total public spend in key delivery departments. This is our Five for the Future campaign to realise more humane public services. We will be campaigning on this until it our ambitions realised, and urge all those who support better public services to do the same. For more details on this, see our dedicated page here

2) Breaking up big, harmful public service procurement programmes: community first test to empower local organisations bidding for contracts in key service areas dealing with vulnerable people, which specifies weighting for social value when making contract decisions

3) Outlining and enforcing the standards citizens deserve: public services constitution enforced by a power of super-complaint (borrowed from the consumer sector) which gives citizens greater rights to remedy harmful public service 

The report consists of two publications; a 'Call to Action' containing the key findings and recommendations of the Commission, which can be found here, and a full research report, which can be found here.

Wre launched this report at our 2015 Annual Conference, with a speech from co-chair Rob Owen. We were also delighted to hear shadow minsiter for Civil Society Anna Turley MP lend her support to the recommendations made. For more detail on her speech, see here.

Since it's launch, Remaking the State has garnered significant media attention, including, but not limited to, the below:

A Guardian piece by co-chair Rob Owen on prevention

Articles on Civil Society and Third Sector on the report

Articles in Charity Times and Third Sector on Anna Turely's support for the report

A Charity Times blog on the need for a Public Services Constitution

A piece in Voluntary News

Additionally, in advance of the CSR, ACEVO wrote to David Cameron to draw attention to the recommendations of the report.