Ruffer LLP


At Ruffer, we have a distinctive approach to investing which we believe is well suited to the needs and goals of charities and their trustees. We focus on delivering ‘all weather’ investment returns and protecting and growing the value of our client’s assets throughout the market cycle. Instead of following benchmarks, we aim not to lose money in any single year and to deliver a return significantly greater than the risk-free alternative of cash on deposit. By aiming to avoid the cyclical gyrations of the market, we aspire to provide a less volatile experience for our charity clients. We manage over £22bn of assets, including over £2bn for over 300 charities as at 31 December 2017. A dedicated portfolio manager works with each charity to build a portfolio, taking into consideration the charity’s responsible investment concerns, where appropriate. We are a signatory to the UNPRI and regularly host conferences and seminars designed to bring charitable organisations together, to discuss the key investment challenges they face. We also manage an ethically screened Common Investment Fund, the Charity Assets Trust.

Contact: Jenny Renton


Contact number: 020 7963 8100


Ruffer LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.