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Discounted DBS checks and pre-employment service

We are delighted to announce we have launched a new online service for managing the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) that will save ACEVO members time and money.

For certain jobs or voluntary work, for example working with children or in healthcare, a DBS check must be carried out before a new employee or volunteer can begin work.

We know that submitting checks is a costly and time consuming process that can often take weeks or months to complete. These delays can result in unfilled roles, potentially harming an organisation’s ability to provide the highest level of care or safeguarding.

To support our members with this ongoing issue we have partnered with uCheck, one of the largest umbrella bodies in the country providing DBS checks to provide a fast, easy to use service which will cut process times in half and will save your organisation lots of money.

Key benefits of using our online DBS service include: 

  • Quick and easy registration – you could be submitting your applications online today.
  • Simple online process which takes less than five minutes to request a disclosure.
  • Hassle free administration with virtually no queries.
  • Fast turnaround – enhanced disclosures completed in as little as 24 hours.
  • Available to everyone regardless of the number of checks your organisation performs.
  • Cheaper rate.

We have processed 12 applications over the past eight days. The process is so much quicker than the traditional method.

 Merewyn Scafe, head of HR & training, SheffCare Ltd

How much will this cost? 

For each application there is a charge of:

  • £4.80 (inc VAT) per volunteer. ACEVO members can expect to save around £5-£8 per check
  • £44.80 (inc VAT) for each paid member of staff (this includes the DBS charge of £44 for an enhanced disclosure). As a comparison, enhanced checks with other providers range from £52 to £60 per check.

Plus ACEVO members will receive the free initial one-off licence fee (priced at £19.95 plus VAT).

We piloted the service with members in August and some are already set to save their organisations over £4,000 per year!

How do I access this new benefit? 

If your chief executive is an ACEVO member then anyone in the organisation can submit, process and track DBS applications through the new easy-to-use online system.

The process is simple, it can take less than five minutes to request a disclosure, and checks are often completed in as little as 48 hours, sometimes on the same day.

You will receive notification when the checks are complete and you can download and print certificates for cleared applicants immediately.

Our online system allows two users from each organisation to request disclosures and have access to results. If an organisation requires more than two users there is a small charge of £1.00 + VAT per additional user.

For more information about the service click here.

For details on how you can get started, please call Jasmine Butcher on 0300 140 0022 or email

If you would like to access this service but are not an ACEVO member please contact the membership team.  

A guide to elgibility can be download here.


Jasmine Butcher
0300 140 0022

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