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Who we are

Sarasin & Partners is a specialist asset manager, managing £14.4 billion on behalf of private clients, charities, intermediaries and institutions in the UK and around the world (as at 30 September 2019).

How do we invest on behalf of our charity clients?

We work with our charity clients to explore their specific requirements. Following a thorough investment review, we will design and suggest investment strategies to suit your charity’s individual aims and objectives. 

  • We run multi-asset portfolios built around a distinctive global thematic approach – a single investment platform that serves all our clients
  • An unconstrained approach gives us the freedom to invest where we have the highest conviction for a long-term potential return
  • We believe in a ‘total return’ approach to spending and withdrawals. However we also recognise the importance of a recurring income stream (some have called our approach an ‘absolute income’ approach to investment)

We aim to design the most appropriate strategy, bespoke to each client and their particular circumstances, then agree together the most efficient way of implementing this policy.

We are able to invest on behalf of our clients through funds or in a segregated manner. Regardless of size, many of our clients choose to invest with us using one or both of the two Charity Authorised Investment Funds (CAIFs).

Training and events

Sharing our knowledge plays an important part in delivering on our commitment to the charity sector. Working with Charity Finance Group (CFG), we offer foundation and advanced level investment training. We also host annual Investment Seminars, as well as sponsoring and participating in a number of charity conferences and events nationwide.’

Our belief

We believe that client objectives are central to setting the long-term strategic asset mix of the portfolio. Once these have been set, we aim to add value and reduce volatility through dynamic tactical asset allocation.

We also believe that recurring income is a crucial element of long-term investment, as ultimately capital growth is the product of income growth. Finally, our equity selection process is based on global thematic trends rather than a traditional regional approach coupled to local knowledge – a different way of looking at the world.


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Past performance is not a guide to future returns and may not be repeated. Please note the Charity Authorised Investment Funds are for registered charities only.
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