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Coaching is a one-on-one conversation between a coach and their client to improve performance, identify solutions and create a course of action.

Individual coaching

ACEVO has partnered with The Growing Coaches to provide free coaching for ACEVO members. You can gain access to their platform to be matched with a coach and meet for up to six x 90 minutes sessions.

This exclusive six month or one year coaching programme for ACEVO members, delivered by First Position Performance Development, will help you gain new perspectives on familiar problems. 

Coach Gary Buxton delivers a facilitative one-on-one experience designed to give you time to focus on your own leadership and performance. It offers a unique space to gain insight in the challenges and opportunities faced by leaders.  

Bird is a team of 10 coaches with experience in the sector and familiar with the issues that those who deliver important work in the not-for-profit world face. If you are navigating a challenging time at work, Bird coaches will help you to create a space to come back to your whole self, and reconnect with you purpose, values and vision. 

Coach Ruth Sutherland offers ACEVO members a 40% reduction in coaching fees. Her approach is curious in supporting clients to explore, play and be creative in discovering and developing your strengths and assets, constantly asking and what else?

Coach Lucinda Shaw offers ACEVO members an exclusive discounted rate of up to 50%. Her coaching method and style will enable you to access your self-belief, confidence and resilience – things that some of us might forget we have or have never found it within ourselves. 

Conflict coaching is a powerful tool to help staff to resolve existing issues and prevent further disputes from escalating. Engage Coaching‘s executive coaches support the coachee by blending coaching, mentoring and advising to achieve the best results.

Janice Leeming is a Certified Wellbeing Coach, and former Charity CEO and charity trustee, who has a deep passion and knowledge of wellbeing techniques gained through personal development, practice and study extending over 15 years.

Team coaching

Coach Paul Jefferies offers ACEVO members discounted team coaching for their senior management team or board. Paul’s interests are strategic level business development, change and turn around initiatives, start-ups and continuous improvement to establish growth and develop teams.

Nick Myles-Cook and Jonny Friedman from Different Duck offer ACEVO members a free team assessment and review process for their senior leadership team to help identify areas of high performance and undiagnosed areas for development.

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