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Leadership development is all about upgrading your knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Our range of tools, resources and services will boost confidence, credibility, creativity and your ability to cope with ever changing job pressures. 

We have developed a suite of leadership development planning tools to support you in your current role and help you with your career progression. You can use these to develop a plan on your own, with support from a mentor/coach, or directly with ACEVO’s member support team.

ACEVO has put together a resource to support the formation of peer learning groups. It is a useful starting point for individuals and not an exhaustive review or manual for peer learning. It is more a primer before setting off: ‘what do you need to think about before moving forward?’

Designed especially for aspiring CEOs, the MyLeadership programme from The Institute of Leadership is available to ACEVO members at a very special rate. The programme is delivered online at the learner’s own pace, fitting around existing workloads and responsibilities.

A 360° assessment comprises feedback from your colleagues alongside a self assessment. It identifies key competencies so you know where to focus and how to hone your skills to lead a strong and successful organisation. 

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