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Cohort one

2019 - 2020 Jane Slowey memorial members

About the recipients:

Ropinder has been working in the charity sector for 17 years and she is now leading an organisation delivering specialist services to people affected by lymphoma. She is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring strategy for the effective delivery of operational and strategic goals. 

“I’m grateful and delighted to be given this exciting opportunity to be mentored by leading figures from the charity sector.”

Karen is the director of Positive Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers (PAFRAS). PAFRAS support Asylum seekers who are destitute or at risk of destitution who have no access to housing or benefits and are not allowed to work. 

“I was so pleased to see this scheme focusing specifically on developing women in leadership roles.”

Jilna wants to be able to convey the intersections of migration, race and gender with clarity and boldness. When she was co-director at the Migrants’ Rights Network, she managed a project that coordinated campaigns and advocacy aimed at dismantling the hostile environment for migrants in London. 

“I can’t wait to implement all of the learning at my organisation.”

Emily wants to be a catalyst for change among the autistic community, helping people with autism to live and achieve the lives they very much deserve in the face of adversity. To achieve this, she founded a social enterprise start-up during her BA at the University of Sheffield: a micro-specialised recruitment agency that aims to get young autistic adults into sustainable employment. 

“I’m so excited for the years to come, to continue the legacy of such an incredible woman and create a lasting impact that will really help shape the future for the better.”

Carol has extensive international work experience and has been using her entrepreneurial and analytical skills within the charity sector for the past 10 years. She is a founding member of Money4Youth, an organisation that equips individuals and grassroots organisations in the UK and Africa with financial education and entrepreneurial skills. 

“It is a huge honour to be given this opportunity to excel and to help to inspire others in the future.” 

Tara became the director of UNA Exchange in August 2017, her first year involved securing significant funds to ensure the charity’s continuing viability, as well as restructuring to address high staff turnover. As director, she was responsible for risk, performance and financial management, working closely with trustees to ensure compliance and good governance. In 2020 the organisation merged with Peace forces. 

“I very much look forward to a challenging and stimulating year ahead of personal and professional growth with ACEVO.”

Precious decided to start a social enterprise while doing her MA on charity management after realising that there were significant issues within the charity sector that needed to be addressed, such as under representation of BAME individuals and the falling levels of public trust. Her aim is to work with charities to advance responsible organisational practices, which will help improve the sector as a whole. 

“I feel greatly honoured to be associated with the legacy of Jane Slowey, who advocated for gender equality in third sector leadership.”

Ciara is the CEO of Metro Moneywise Credit Union is an employee-based credit union in the North West of England. She has a a burning desire to become a leading figure within the credit union movement, as this is where she knows she wants to spend the rest of her career.  

“I was thrilled to find out that I had been offered a place on the first Jane Slowey memorial programme.  I was in my third month of being a new Chief Executive, so this news couldn’t have come at a better time.  I am looking forward to meeting others in my position and sharing our stories as well as learning from other more experienced CEOs who have generously agreed to share their knowledge with us.” 

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