This training day will focus on being able to tell a story that, not only resonates with the values of your organisation, but also brings to life the values which lie at the centre of your personal leadership practice.

Storytelling is more than a marketing tool. Telling a compelling story about your organisation is not just about captivating stakeholders and the wider public: it needs to be appreciated as a core leadership skill.

Through storytelling, leaders can define the organisation's culture, inspire their teams and even improve the way they give difficult feedback and propose change. There are lots of articles and TED talks out there on the subject, but how can civil society CEOs find their authentic voice to develop a storytelling culture and the capacity to enthral those who are listening to them?

This one-day practical workshop will:

  • Describe the neuroscience of story: where its power comes from and how to harness it
  • Explore the seven standard story types and their usefulness to the charity sector
  • Develop a deeper connection with personal and organisational values to strengthen personal voice
  • Involve delegates in active listening to one another and providing story development feedback
  • Create a story shaping checklist to make future planning easier
  • Simple steps to manage nerves
  • Cover key do's and don't's of using powerpoint to support a story