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Being a peer mentor

Learning is a two-way process in the ACEVO mentoring relationship. By helping my mentee to reflect on problems in their organisation, I’ve looked at issues in my own with a different and more external perspective. I’d say that this has benefited my own professional development and is helping our organisation to stay on track with its aims. Mentoring is definitely a positive learning experience.”

Peter Gorbing, chief executive, Dogs for Good
Mentoring is a rich experience for both the mentor and the mentee. Developing a relationship with your mentee will help to hone your people skills which you can use to benefit your organisation and career. Thank you for thinking about being an ACEVO mentor. Our mentoring programme is supported by CCLA.

We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding the mentoring scheme. It’s a great starting point for members who are interested in becoming a mentor.

We suggest that you read through this guide to get a better understanding of how the ACEVO mentoring scheme works.

The ACEVO mentoring  is intended to provide confidential space for reflection and discussion, for details of our confidentiality policy please see our terms and conditions

If you would like to be an ACEVO mentor, please complete this registration form. The information we gather here will give us an understanding of your skills and areas of expertise. We will use this when matching you with a mentee.

In partnership with Scottish Mentoring Network, ACEVO members who are mentors can now access a free online CPD accredited learning course to help advance knowledge and understanding of mentoring.

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