Good governance

Good governance is a broad issue and one that we will be supporting our members with through leadership development and events. In terms of policy, we will look at the governance implications of each policy strand; for example with campaigning, our governance work would be to give boards the confidence to continue campaigning; with diversity it would be for trustees to work with CEOs to help improve representation.

All too often charities are attacked for being 'too professional and business like' while being ridiculed when revealed to be too amateurish. This iniquity must end and a more coherent approach to modern charity must be adopted. ACEVO's mission is to achieve that balance.

A significant portion of our media activity goes into making this case, on the airwaves and in communities. The full quote that gave the campaign its title is reproduced below and summarises the objects of this campaign.

"Charity is delivered on the front line, but it begins in the back office. It is tempting but wrong to insist that the humane thing is for every penny in the donated pound to go to the frontline; in actual fact the really humane approach acknowledges that a substantial chunk of that pound must go to good governance, ambitious management and professional leadership." 

The projects below help ACEVO members make the case for professional processes and give ideas as to what 'good looks like' in a number of different situations that may affect their organisations.

The Good Pay Project

Good with Money